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Yamaha CP300 Stage Piano Review

As we get into the high end equipment, the Yamaha CP300 stage piano jumps out as being something special in this category. This is a close to a real piano sound as you can get, close your eyes while it is being played and it is very hard to hear the difference.

yamaha cp300No matter what genre you like to play, the Yamaha CP300 can produce the sounds that will enable you to play it to perfection. The sound is crisp and incredibly clear, and with the extensive range of voices and features you get on this digital piano, you have so much scope to really get creative and produce music without any limitations.

The 88 key keyboard uses Yamaha’s innovative GHE (graded hammer effect) system to provide a really authentic resistance any time a key is hit. This resistance increases from the top register all the way down to the lower, just as you get on a real acoustic piano. This will enable you to play the piano with the same vigor you would on an acoustic piano and put your all into your performances.

Watch this video overview of the Yamaha CP300

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A closer look at the Yamaha CP300

Built in polyphony and voices

The Yamaha CP300 has a maximum polyphony of 128 notes. These notes are all extremely good quality and can be easily accessed at any time during your performance if you want to add any of them into your play.

The 50 original voices that are programmed into the Yamaha CP300 are also of incredible quality. You are also able to access a further 480 XG voices, as well as 12 different drum kits too. This really gives you a massive range of sounds to play with, so you can really go to town with your performances.

yamaha cp300 review


A unique feature about the Yamaha CP300 is the internal speaker system it has. This will allow you to monitor yourself while you play the keyboard, so you can get the best feedback possible. These internal speakers also provide a sympathetic key-bed vibration, so it helps to enhance that real acoustic piano feel.

Product dimensions

Even though the Yamaha CP300 is fairly big, it is still of a size that you can carry it from place to place, and put it in the car if you need to take it from gig to gig. Weighing in at 72 pounds, you should be able to lift it without too many problems. Here are the actual dimensions for this digital piano:

  • Length = 61 inches
  • Width = 23 inches
  • Height = 12 inches
  • Weight = 72 pounds

Creating layers of sound

Another great feature of the Yamaha CP300 is the ability to assign different sounds and voices to different sections of the keyboard. This will allow you to make multi-textured and layered sounds. For a proficient player that can use the features like this on the CP300 effectively, there is no end to the potential they will have with this piano.

Overall thoughts on the Yamaha CP300

This is a high end digital piano and it certainly lives up to its premium price tag. Every part of this piano is built to amazing quality, and there seems to be different features and functions wherever you look on the piano. For the serious musician, the Yamaha CP300 is a real master piece and the quality of the sound you can get from it is simply amazing.

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